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FIB Cycling Welcomes Stephen Bassett

Stephen is a 23 year old all-around super-talent from Knoxville, TN. His last few seasons were spent as a member of Silber Pro Cycling, as well as some racing stints in Europe with the US National Team. His palmarès includes stage wins in the Cascade Cycling Classic and the Belgian Stage race Tour de Namur. Stephen has also previously finished Top-5 Overall in the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race.

Although Stephen's results speak for themselves, that's only a fraction of the equation when it comes to what we value in a successful team-rider relationship. Can the rider handle copious amounts of van time? Can the rider handle a little smack-talk? And MOST importantly, can the rider dish out some smack-talk in return? While Stephen may only be a Cat-3 at runnin' his mouth, we see some potential and are willing to invest in his future.

All jokes aside, in a year where roster spots are a serious commodity, we feel extremely lucky to have a rider of Stephen's caliber joining our team. Although, he's still young, Stephen has done almost every race on the domestic calendar at some point in his career and will bring a wealth of experience to our squad. Welcome aboard, mate!

Check out Stephen on his personal platforms:

Stephen Bassett Cycling

Stephen's Instagram


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