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First Internet Bank Cycling Signs Exclusive Contract with Park Tool for 4mm Wrenches

Following the team’s success at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, FIB Cycling has penned a deal with Park Tool for a premier sponsorship of 4mm Allen wrenches. “We saw an opportunity to improve on our toolbox,” said John Becker, the team’s self-appointed technical manager. “We had most of the tools we need in the van. Except for a 4mm wrench. I think Jerry lost it. Or maybe Robert. All I know is, it was a real pain in the ass.”

FIB is excited to provide their riders with the ability to adjust key aspects of their bikes- including saddle height, bar angle, and cleat position. It is noted that this sponsorship is only for 4mm wrenches. While Robert Stroka’s Speedplay cleats require a Philips head screwdriver for his daily adjustments—team representatives confirm there’s no helping that man anyways. He will continue to use whatever he can find at Walmart to keep those things together.

Park Tool has agreed to provide up to two (2) wrenches to keep the team rolling. These are expected to last up to a week before they too vanish into the abyss of the van.

FIB is also in negations to secure a new electrolyte drink mix supporter, as the team’s 2012 container of Gatorade has finally solidified and is now being used as a concrete foundation for the new service course at Ryan’s house.

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