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Our Supporters

Our sponsors help us chase our dreams by providing the best support and equipment there is to offer. We're proud to represent the following companies in races throughout the country.


A bank designed to fit into your life. Into your pocket, in fact.


That’s why First Internet Bank offers everything you need — from savings and checking accounts, to mortgage loans, business loans and more — all online and all tailored to you.

Delivering better rates and better products with better service than all the rest, they are dedicated to making banking better. And they have been doing it since they opened for business in 1999 as the first state-chartered, FDIC-insured institution to operate solely online.  Imagine More with First Internet Bank.


Thule helps you transport anything you care for safely, easily and in style so that you are free to live your active life. Thule - Bring your life


Our products are the result of almost 100 years of experience, passion and dedication. We are always trying to create the perfect blend of design, comfort, safety and technology. All of our products are designed in Belgium and are available in more than 50 countries. But we have never forgotten our roots, we still ride our products over cobbled farm roads and just like then, we strive to innovate improve and create what we ourselves would want to use. Lazer is passion, performance and the joy of riding.


Team Heroes is a vehicle to raise awareness about and actively engage in the Heroes Foundation’s commitment to the battle against cancer. Walking the walk — or swim, bike, run — they help educate others and promote lifestyles that support overall wellness and cancer prevention.

Team Heroes is made-up of individuals of all abilities with a competitive spirit who appreciate, promote, and engage in the mission of the Heroes Foundation.


Skratch Labs makes sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because we use real food, starting from scratch. 


We have over 40 combined years of industry experience and we are confident in our ability to help you choose a bike, select from our outstanding inventory of clothing and accessories, and provide expert and meticulous service on your bicycle. We all ride and we know how important it is to be able to trust your local shop. Simply put, we’re here to help you. 

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