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Meet Our Riders

They're elite bike racers,

They're sub-par bike mechanics,

They consume a lot of Oreos. 


John Becker


Our resident former-bike-shop employee, John is our self-proclaimed expert on all things bike fit, maintenance, training, and Budweiser. Most of his advice is actually pretty good, just don't expect him to follow it all himself. 


Jarret Oldham


Catch Jarret pounding down "buddha bowls," yelling at Robert for not refilling the coffee pot, and actually having a real job (mostly). He and his lovely cellist-wife Anna reside in Louisville, with their dog-child Oakley. 


Robert Sroka


When Robert isn't looking up component manuals to determine the stack-height difference between Ultegra and Dura-Ace pedals (1 mm), he's probably blowing up your phone about the Cavs, your latest ride on Strava, or something mildly offensive.


Luke Feuerhelm


What is there to say about the first year U23 Luke that he hasn't already already said about himself? He likes golf, his favorite race is "Snake Ally"...


and that's about it. 


Ryan Knapp


An aficionado of proper sock length, noodle-like arms, and slipping through a crowded peloton, Ryan manages to keep us mostly in-line (some of the time) as our team director. Follow him in a corner sometime, and you'll be wishing you had been a little less generous with your tire pressure.


Johnny Purvis


Although there have been many claims to the contrary, he's likely the only member of FirstIB who can actually run a mile in under five minutes. When he's not on his road bike you can catch Johnny on a Northwest Arkansas mountain bike trail saying "We can hit that" on a double black trail feature.


Chris Uberti


Chris is also an Aerodynamics Engineer, and begrudgingly answers our incessant "How much faster would I be if..." questions. Chris is also our only previous World Champion (well, kind of...). He is considering retirement after the UCI ban of the "supertuck" position.


Jack McCann


“McDawg fell off." “McDawg don’t train enough.” “McDawg ate a whole DiGiorno pizza by himself last night”...
These are just a few of the things one might hear in “the streets” about Jack McCann. We'll tell you one thing, you don't want to let him see the finish line.



Asa Black

New New Guy

Asa's instagram bio likely describes him best. 




LU 24' 🦁 

FIB photo 1.jpg

Caleb Langley


Another graduate with a Bachelors of Arts from the Indiana University Little 500 school of Bike Racing Mastery™️, Caleb allegedly raced for the Mama Bear's team. However, we're doubtful as he as not once supplied the team with pizza.

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